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This, That and the Third

by Park-Like Setting

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Stupid Juice 04:39
Bazooka Joe 204 When I was wilding I often wondered what powered me The closest thing to religion I have is Albert Street Independent in thought deed and strategy Looking for a family running away from Aberdeen Made a beeline for Wellington’s with my little crew Literally underground St Lou spinning that Mystic Brew Singularly driven wasn’t nothing else to get into Working in a smut shop sleeping in a living room Critical beatdowns abstract lyrical College ass blog called me nerd I was a criminal Songs are straight ahead nothing about it was subliminal The company I keep is full of fucked up individuals Our fanbase differs cause we choose them at random Sick of the rich winning and the losers need an anthem Park-Like Setting find the cool inside the tantrum Stupid juice stupid moves like Chucky and Esteban son I got the dope got the stupid juice Make stupid decisions and I bust the stupid moves Fanbase differs cause we choose them at random Sick of the rich winning so the losers need an anthem Yy I can’t front, I’m an asshole for what I came from Manitoba, land stolen, never paid for it Fast forward, same story - different page Where you can’t afford a decent landlord on what you make It’s stupid, trying to find your way, early 20’s I’m a toothpick Mid-nineties P&C laying out the blueprint Putting Brothers in My Backpack to make the shoe fit It was too big, the moment was a movement We knew that, they moved in, bond only improving And I bring a baby into the fold, that was my crew then We were tight knit, they liked kids, I’m a student Of the mic yet, despite knowing what I knew then Bad jobs had lots back pains, calluses Daddy’s tax write-off trying to classplain how it is Never get a handout, campaign balances I’m older now my kid has the exact same challenges bigmcenroe We’re gleaming the cube - cruising past the rubicon We got the stupid juice while other crews are truly gone Long since disbanded product abandoned Conduct forgettable brought into fandom PLS the trio not a tandem rocking anthems and it Might look effortless magical and random But we still chasing pelican briefs like grey grantham Others seek beef see the moon fake a landing Blabbing bout a flat earth falling into patterns They googling your net worth undercover fashion The passion of the twitter verse real time reaction We get the girl and win the purse and do it looking handsome That’s old school attitude enough to fill a mansion Learned from Colombo or whatever played on channel ten Learned from Madonna before she knew Sean penn Learned from sonic youth, black flag, minutemen
At The End 05:07
Bazooka Joe 204 If only it could be what we're pretending it were What the fuck i'm sposed to say at the end of the world If only it could be what we’re pretending it were What the fuck i’m ‘posed to say at the end of the world Came from the place of the forever snow Let the record show I binged every episode Black dynamite to blanche deveraux Addicted to the tv, caffeine, and never go To sleep on the night shift like shelley long Hi-top weapons what I was stepping on Like janet jackson except the planet you get the song You don't know what you got and then its gone I say this all, to commit it to record Played some ball but never really made the effort Dropped out of school to make raps yall My short term was terminal didnt think it'd last long Lo and behold maybe my math's on My whole brand is fatalism and sad songs Stomach aches like I ate a bad mall Apocalypse now while im waitin on a cab called Yy Keep the paper separate, “Can I take the bottles?” Man, whatever. As long as my IKEA fits together Repurposing I give up, gabigmcenroeage: that’s the part I don’t remember ‘Least I don’t need a parka in November Never buy a thing I can’t return Never care what’s going on out the window as long as my La-Z-Boy lever work Haven’t heard of debt? Where you been? Place your bet Polar cap, nothing left, say no more, waste of breath It’s unsustainable to keep saying “This is unsustainable” Name a normal, can’t remember, rights are trampled, they don’t know About deniability, blankets and smallpox Accountability to share-holders at all cost Get lost, no one’s listening, easy to dismiss The “how could anybody bring a kid into this mess?” I’m really quite content but I’d be happy to discuss Reality TV or where I’m going for Christmas bigmcenroe Shooting rubber bands at the stars like Edie brickell Come at me spitting bars that’s en easy repel with back rooms deals that’s as seedy as hell human nature ain’t healing itself innocence swept away, conspiracies elevate narcissicist tendencies rewarded at every stage dining on heresay journalist terminate eschewing the written page as part of the good old days The streets fill with gabigmcenroeage fast as we can pick it up The airs turning toxic, the boiling point is coming up And you can feel despondent, cause everything is just so fucked But then it’s life goes on kid, give. Shrug and pas the buck Haunted by the bombings, the foreign correspondents Then make the change to channel 2 cause jeopardy is on it Donate some dollar but no sacrifice beyond it As the world is ending, this is fine let’s be honest
Concurrently 03:39
bigmcenroe We daylight dependent we stay like a tennant hoping that the man don’t decide to raise the rent this year i’m just tryna servce my pennance in the court of your opinion me and both my co defendents i be knowing coefficients, not no politricking seasoned in the business since we dropping crazy friction in 95 96ish when cassettes were assets and playing canada would leave cashless hit the ATM though im kicking what i rage against now its 2020 seems nothing much is making sense chaos reigns supreme man, not talking bucket crabs but hunting fans and followers is fucking drab what me mad now lim lifting nickels like im he man bumping up productions americas biggest brands we juicing by the youth like feds mess with currency serving up out sentences concurrently Bazooka Joe 204 NIMBYs at Timmie’s whine over hippies Sleeping in the park and tryna bum ciggies Look at all you have why so stingy Who the fuck made you Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby Afraid of your neighbours spite for the city Begging for Bezos to sheister your city Bet it all on NFTs and bitcoin No referees now you’re playing with the big boys The artifice of parity the juice that cake brings Artificial scarcity man we used to make things Busted up the unions moved them all overseas Christian libertarians are all up in your ovaries Now who the hell answers for the wealth transfer Neoliberalism the most aggressive cancer Stop being greedy when we run up in your mansion Climate change coming from the South Pole to Santa Pandemic purge the people who work for cheap Walls closing in still we sleep in the urgency Prosperity gospel worshiped so fervently The midnight oil burns it all concurrently Yy What’s pops’ cooking? Heavy-lifting three kids Get your job tooken, raise your next of kin while you’re not looking Notions got broken, wearing different hats that don’t match A grade 1 teacher with dope raps And each of them know their facts, their old man’s sleeping And keeping open tabs, I’m off for the weekend Receiving no thanks, I’m already deep in it Even if so perhaps I freak it they go bananas Leave it open answer, only do it difficult Peep the multitask, pull it off, you never know My juggle game’s impeccable I dunk and take a technical then walk away ineffable Cool as a vegetable, strictly business never typical Paint my own lane, set the tone On a desert island marooned dressed in burgundy Serving up our sentences concurrently
Bazooka Joe 204 Decades in the game kid, no cap Dead weight when we hit em like no mas Checkmate from the gate with the toe tap Get it straight you can still get the bozack Get the bozack, catch the vapors I shut the laptop and grab for the papers Fuck a aux cord I’m reaching for the fader Deep digging in the crates for the paydirt I’d sooner call you a hebigmcenroe than a hater I’m more at home on the cubigmcenroe than in nature On the stroll with the workers wasted Bumpy Knucks so I roll with with Flavor Unit PLS brought the Big Mac And Yy like Hiero big facts Got the third eye first down blitz packs We going all out fasten your chin strap Clamp shit down like vice grips syntax Charging a mint cuz I’m owed a lot of git back Ancient artificats like a Skratch Picklz slipmat Get the bozack I mean the whole thing intact Yy And ya know that wouldn’t go bad If you don’t and I quote “Get the Bozack” So dope we approach critical mass Throwback, throw down with your broke ass No half-steppin’ on lexicon kept it going t’il the Crack of dawn, 7:00 on like a heptagon Let me know I belong where you’re not involved Get the balls, sack and all, you’re no help at all They threw it from the bleachers It’s true McBoo, they suspended the teacher Peace out, must have learned it from a t-shirt Look up to be sure, spell check each word Don’t pretend you didn’t chase a trend Naw, but we did find a little piece of heaven LPs, EPs, MDs, whatcha sayin’? Strict biz this not just a stint, we’ve been… bigmcenroe get the gas face - hear the beat and do a screw face its bare yall like the walls of a new place hang a poster schools in for a poser stir him in to a b-boy bouillabaise now were in again, weird like a therimin 20 years in still carry out experiments the mad scientist defying yer comparisons iller than the virus, fact not arrogance we original now matter what the era is no matter what your zip code or what your favorite flavor is no more merch tables aint about the paper kid cold world tough climb guess I can’t take a hint find another field if if you want to make a mint this aint crypto speculators never win strictly biz tho park-like kin folk since the 1 triple nine or the 2 triple 0 i dunno i forget what year did we start?
Bazooka Joe 204 I know what you thought it was when of course it wasn’t Never struggle with the raps but everything else is something In the squared cicle jobbing Lanny Poffo with the pen See the box is like a foxhole so don’t ever fence me in Shell-shocked seeing stars like Mario Kart Camp Lo pulled me aside and said “you party too hard” Now uptown Saturday nights feel farthe and darker Than they ever felt before I parted with my partner Started on a new script fuck a writer’s block The cul-de-sac bring you around whether you like it or not On a winter picket line like we should strike when it’s hot I don’t pick when it visits so I fight for my spot Grew up in the gravel 500 in the ballpark Holes in the wall like they rented your home for Halllmark Movie shoots Scooby Doo pajamas in the Wal Mart Some comfort while we all fall apart man it’s all hard I know what you thought it was when of course it wasn’t Never struggle with the raps but everything else is something Yy I know what you thought it was when of course it wasn’t Never struggled with the raps but everything else is something Came up middle class, never had a ton but never hungry Family structure had enough outside the usual dysfunction Punk shit, tried to dance around it - Sammy Davis Had a kid at 23 I didn’t do me any favours It was later when made clear up against it, would eventually Had to parent myself while she co-parented against me Flash forward had some more, we’ll make it, I was certain Go to school, come home, my wife is taking off for work Before she’s taking off for good, I’m left to paint the nursery Alone, so long, I’m like a pro at this adversity Daddy deal with hurt and he’s a teacher with the patience of a saint But they keep adding unrealistic expectations Went through a couple, in some cases had to happen Had a problem with the rest but never struggled with the rapping bigmcenroe The Not so perfect introvert, waiting for an intro low likelihood of getting hurt while playing my nintendo never feared the extra work the problem is the tempo its decade 5 of distant dreams, can i be so simple who am I to ever seeth, asthmas gone so i can breathe messed up problems with my feet but best friend Ty can barely see and he keeps his head up - at least to me puts it in perspective my obsessing on a frequency as I fix a mix that a few will stream competing for your mindshare with marvel flicks and justice league hollywood reporter, variety and TMZ viral videos of car wrecks and EMTs It’s not the time to paint the Mona Lisa It’s Lightning fast consumption - scammy NFTs bruh if you get attention they will callin you a genius I struggle just to hide it - my disgust
bigmcenroe My hearts in the hard concrete Never part of the bards at the beach Once more unto the breech, I preach The City life and the lessons it teach My devotion so beyond reach East van until I move I sleuth like Stacy KEech Explore every route my army’s the tubeway Sound track Gary Neumann Daniel Dumile These tourists don’t ask bout the asphalt I’m passioned bout the past that while ill be last out I ain’t writing odes to gravel roads It’s airports train stations subways travel nodes As the rabble rose so the babble goes Chant down camp town races and the racist foes The isos takes patience though Tolerance and openness knowing how fake Ness goes All the residents hesitant defend it Certain way of life all in never quit The dreams of them bohemians Living all together cause space is at a premium Bazooka Joe 204 City council dirt I been ground through Blowout Comb still the coolest to walk around to Easing in with a king can Evenings in alleys no pictures with fans Lurking and hurting plus too high Between Bannatyne and McDermot with a Blue Dry Hanging in the streets youre scared of comfortably Behind Musiplex by that BDP bubble piece Every square foot of the DT gets love from me You stick to the skywalk cuz you trust the WP Dusty feet kicking gravel at you Booing lustily get sonned like we’re suing for custody Dead and buried in Saratgoa Lanes Underground as the Northstar carry on the names Smokes like soldiers matchbook like a gang My home is a pothole my mattress in flames Yy It was brought up from the hot concrete From the bottom ‘cause the cost is not cheap Across the long street The speak about the only that’s not off-beat Construction and brick buildings Grew up in them, crashed ceilings then nothing left Catch feelings, enough, then it’s off Deal with exhaust and the judgement Pot-holes and cockroaches got those Cop culture fought those distraught most Snot-noses got goals that’s not chosen Not close, chalk-full of plot holes, that’s how it goes The transit: metros, standing Where you can’t sit show them how to get closer Cancers and exposures Can’t say I got the answers, door will be left open There’s possibility in small community If positivity and unity met opportunity but I’m a city-lifer, I’ll make do with Chumps running away, we’ll gravitate to it
Too Far 03:48
Bazooka Joe 204 For Christs’s sake like the last dinner Johnny Rotten’s on The Masked Singer And Ozzy’s selling crypto I aint batshitting Running a racket like badminton So called rock stars it's embarrassing On a megachurch lurk Seraphim White horse and some yay its all heroin The cult of personality a scary thing ayo Private planes jetsam and flotsam Bodyguards the literal Big Boss Man Nazis and cops naw bro we are not fam They made DMX and Iggy Pop jock jams Drown in Hollywood Philip Seymour Hoffman Counterculture churns like a log jam Bet the under I don’t fuck with a top ten Arms long enough to box Gods til I cross them This time they went too far Man they just went too hard Yy Fake it t’il they make it, taught em enough Think they made it to the majors when they’re calling em up Get to stake a claim in all that they want to become Just ´cause your agent put you on don’t make you part of the club There’s a way to frame it: want to be trapped in a prism Be a participant, think they can go back when there isn’t Went from having a vision to half of the business I watched it happen, they’re complicit, blame capitalism Think he passed gone, how could they not be? Piggy-backed off, jumped the shark Fonzy! Ticky-tac-toed too far, caused me Thinking back on how their past now annoys me Respect a side-hustle But when a politician’s coming out to your song I’m buying nothing Talked into delivery adds by a publicist A fine line between being a mogul and a puppet bigmcenroe Another season of bachelors flatulence Bottom feeders actors and petulance Petty Bruhas cake boss and rupaul For me escapisms loading up the uhaul the true goals all make you turn the news off Life short times small get your tom cruise on I go the other way never ending need to know Bookend the average day bending to the doomscroll Trying to find the reel foe ignorance the heel to two Infinite conspiracies reeling in the gullible Government they’d overthrow for the wrong reasons Not for corruption greed and tax cheating Not the poor bleeding endless war machining But for the heathens preaching white grievance They’ve gone too far down a YouTube rabbit hole Keepin you distracted don’t let em have it yall
Bazooka Joe 204 Saw a tape of my freestyles from 99 Made me wanna kill myself man I’m traumatized Just another label spitroasted over beers Sing along to a radio that no one hears I’m all alone cooing to myself again Far from home refusing any help from friends A stranger acting strangely in a foreign land Going ham with a fraulein in Vietnam I rode my Yamaha into the mountain three days With the White Thais, jackfruit, and rice wine Rap into the wind while my knees shake Then retire to the treehouse in the nighttime Sing along to a radio that no one hears Yy Looking back in third-person People think I’m talking to myself when I’m rehearsing, still land feet first Passive reassurance first you have to eat dirt Chance of reoccurring really has to be the worst What could happen? Stay current with some help from the kids Watching the clouds anticipate what’s coming next I did it for this and us and if no one cares I’ll sing along to a radio that no one hears I always did never quite know where to fit Drop me in and I begin to look over the fence Then complain I can’t find a shoulder to sit But still commit, hold my head and roll with the hits A mix of having lots to learn while being basically right Room to grow but knew you had to know your place if you’re white Can’t pretend from a preconceived no idea While tuning in to a frequency that’s so unclear bigmcenroe That dirty ass feeling yeah not so fresh As I’m blasting time for living in a bloody mess Don’t run no interference on me cashing cheques I start to question my position as a Pacifist In the pacific I toss your specific correspondence This is not only a test yo I’m only being honest on this Topic in particular patron of the province I’m a modern day calligrapher with manslaughter vehicular I’m taking the perimeter passing by the royal mint Teach myself to think bigger motives like the oils glint When you was a glimmers in your daddy’s eye - I was bent Making all this magic in the lab passion paying rent I been in this so deep, memorizing cross streets Vandalizing posh spots, I got the cred, I show receipts Recognize traditions but we eschew all the typical Tax them like an escrow then oil the bread - escargot Maybe its impossible the pressure is the Escher Like I’m in the movie business but I’m happy as an usher Teach my young sons just to steer clear I sing along to a radio that no one hears I sing along to a radio that no one hears
Bazooka Joe 204 Man I used to traffic rush hour stops and starts And hide my beer cans for the people with the shopping carts That old game bored like Candyland or Scotland Yard In the bathroom with Candyman who got a card I fill a jerry can with fucks and light that shit ablaze On top remaining no home training cuz I misbehave Mcenroe at his peak I’m a writer at his zenith Pull out your microphone and watch the Yyfer make you eat it From the era of the OG a cappela and remix Watching KJ and Thunder Dan sunning em out in Phoenix Supersonic flex like Olden Polynice And I’m dwelling in the past cuz the present is giving grief From the dancehall grinding yelling murder dem They say do what you love and you will never work again They were wrong the Park-Like stay working on them stems Making with no end game playing words with friends Yy Hook Whatcha heard? Depends, don’t concern with them We prefer different, playing words with friends We deserve what we get once we murder a sentence We confer with them, playing words with friends Yy Used to sample more examples than I care to give Not for a beat, for a style, that’s imperative Started really making moves after I had a kid Like when’s that happen? Less downtime than I ever did Back when rappers had a record you better bow down Bring a written to a battle you’re getting drowned out Went from sinking to a paddle, Wizard from a Bullet Winning even when defeated like my name was Todd MacCulloch Trading tapes, early internet homie, whatcha into? Influenced by regional shit, places I’ve never been to You can seek but won’t get it, nothing can compare to it Thinking I’m gonna part with something this sentimental Prestreaming knee-deep in, play it until it dies You invested in an album you listened 20 times Even if it was a bad one, play it once again Were the days coming up, I’m still playing words with friends bigmcenroe picking away at crosswords scrape away at scrabble tiles socially so awkward others play and rabble rouse always have the last word no matter what you brag about graduate with honours no way that we’ll be ratted out waiting for that carousel to come around the A list end around who party til the sun comes out send em out occupy wall street end the dow billionaire dead beats we can’t keep defending now the PLS flashback midnight express bullet train fast track Amsterdam Budapest kinda good at everything I coulda been a coder instead i went for energy Gorgio Moroder i got the A in algebara a B for me in langugage arts win the day on talent bruh beefin me aint very smart cause im ill at everything rap and take a track apart demos meant to demonstrate exactly where the masters are
Crew Shit 03:38
Yy Even in the solo tip I’m all about the crew shit Those I came up with and other brought me in the movement Tight-knit group never booted out a Judas Getting through whatever’s threw at us, knew that we can do this mcenroe is like a big brother beating on producers Anything you’re doing I’ve been through it with Bazooka Joe’s the family, chuck a duce up, never have to prove it Hunnicutt’s my dude just like St. Lou who introduced us Practically blood it goes way beyond the music Ness, Crooks, Gruf, Gumshoe and Pip the truth is That the people you’re surrounded push you to improvement Either keep up with the talent or issuing excuses The fan, the friend, the teacher and the student There for when you need em, run they’ll beat you to it Chilling with my feet up or coming with the foolishness Making collaborations with my crew until I’m toothless Bazooka Joe 204 We’re from Winnipeg and Brandon and Portage in ‘Toba The Hudson Bay area known to go dumb Heard your crew’s masterpiece for me it was ho hum 2022 can’t knock it for having no drums Late 90s was my start date More late nights than a card game Farm Fresh funky as Bar-Kays Way back like a sketchy arcade, Vaughn and Hargrave Reminisce when the shuffle finds a beauty song No scruple when we double cross the rubicon Humble beginnings Adidas and Puma don Making maneuvers through losses but never lose the bond Nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for Rod Kill a real live human Grand Guignol Loyal to Danny like an idiot in QAnon And 22 years ain’t shit I’m never moving on bigmcenroe For me its been about the journey all about the crew shit Dreams of maximizing earnings, whylin out on cruise ships Obviously secondary searching for the new ness Till they wheel me in a gurney over like John Gruden If feeling scholarly or acting like a nuisance Hanging at the dollar tree planning with out two cents To rub together we covering our deficits We keep it clever and never run with pessimists We keep the standards hi pandering is to sin No other crew alive that I wish I’d been in Been in this square biz for a min Can you look your captor in the eyes and take it on the chin No way that I go alone tho I’m known for dolo Cause its a rollercoaster ride emotions like a yo-yo Buzz aldrean type of pioneer never faltering Me and joe and Danny stirring potions in a Calderon Wilburys Travellin’ ask roy Orbison tour meal KFC dreamin of cornish hens bonds built forever driving more luck than sense counting up fives and tens down for whatever
How Cold 03:57
Yy You have no idea how cold I feel I’m a grow my beard, don’t mind me I know my needs, know my rights Show ID, go buy it and smoke my weed, nah Not gonna go quiet and sow my seeds Non-compliant, write Dope Rhymes like Chill Rob G. I’m a giant on my own but I’m still mob deep I’m a keep looking down from the hilltop peak, repeat: Merrily merrily there will be cat therapy Guaranteed security despite disparity therein The severity that’s inherent Apparently buried deep, fahrenheat eleventy To infinity been this way since ‘93 Consider the environment try to win the economy While not inheriting, remain anonymy No parity while charity is an anomaly What kind of people contemplate, often make operating Complicated god forsaken combination My neighbour’s nominated, they’re predominantly confident In all the ways but that does not pertain to all of those Without a voice, but their persona’s hate To them it’s not a choice I never would accommodate them Whoever thought to make a comment to a congregation With their incompetence should have to sign a waver bigmcenroe You have - no clue so you shouldn’t assume got a Heavyset presence call me johnny larue When I enter the room its temples of doom Got my autograph they want to take my temperature too So Frigidaire cool north American fool Both scrupulous and scandalous I vary the two Same shit diff day like a Carey reboot But there’s a line around the block that I can barely get through It’s all about the madness taking one step beyond Acting like a bad bitch, gaming on your peloton Sad sitch - complaining on the price of petrol Forget the autobahn I’m hopping on the metro rocking Kraftwerk patchwork postings and adverts wanna rule the world maybe get your undergrad first No MBA hanging in my entry way But beats banging is ingrained into my DNA Bazooka Joe 204 Northern Exposure the slush on the plains Cold as the nose of a mutt on a chain Frozen to the floe edgebrush off my name With a gabigmcenroeage mitt or the rustiest blades Snowy rain cut your coat like a buzzsaw The majestic musk ox flexing at bus stops Dust off musty and damp Used to dream big now I just need a nap Party in the front no funny stuff in the back Plugging cords into sockets a dummy with a stack Holes in my pockets a rummy and a matchbook Poking through my stockings trust me it’s a bad look Bad luck bad beat for the bad seed Pack heat voiceover in the ad read Cheap pop in the ring like glacier Kryonic kicking that frostbitten behaviour
Yy Inevitable like 7 o’clock Better to talk than never know I never forgot Ready or not don’t ever go, said I would stop Except for a cop, Jennifer Jones hit on the dot exactly Coming at me, double dash Couple cashmere, “what does that mean?” Nothing bad Something fancy, come up with plan B, “come again?” Someone grab me a rubber band, “what’s up with that?”? It depends, if I can’t even understand What you’re saying I won’t pretend and you can quote me on it Punch ya in the muncher but I’m so beyond a Left hook, give it to you straight, doesn’t go with tonic Show up with no electronic, know what? Don’t expect homage, woke up and know when you got it What someone doesn’t acknowledge comes back with So much technology really someone should follow him God almighty got on one knee, gave him money I don’t want to hear the onomatopoeia, Lordy! Not a lot of the above, ought to be enough Want em out of here like the thought of being in love Cut of meat economy: a bottom-eater’s Gotta eat, that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of beef That’s out of sync, that’s how to think Databank got ‘em at an angle, it’s not a thing bigmcenroe as you edge on to the precipice - hedging for the suckebigmcenroeet I organize an exodus - dredging up the muck and yet this rebel cause trouble for the fun of it straw polls robocalls underhanded bloody mess this vet aint missed yet any misstep is a mis rep and you can quote me on it mind of a robot benefits probiotic Fencer pens worth six million so bionic oh my god its symbiotic so symbolic you need cymbalta alter your chemistry you need a late pass check with your embassy you seek asylum while we piling up the victories i suffer from an empathy deficiency emcee sympathy just isn't me my MD chemistry preempts the empty check my understudies ten deep do you understand my MO eff the ifs and whens yo count on one hand those who listened to my demo chip on my shoulder but its all in the mental so I flip on a poser cause he's rolling in a rental auto or audio I own it all know it so im calling this an audit as I tell you what your sposed to know honoured in from montreal to tokyo pondering destruction of your hokey flow Bazooka Joe 204 Fire on the mountain riding on a fountain Mired in being bout it sliding through your house an’ Apologize for shouting all rise and be counted Biters eat the chowder Abbeying your Downton All up in your downwind north side and south end Imagine me caring an ounce about clout friend Especially considering the pounds I would tout then Dogpaddle through catpiss in a drought then I fear no mutt flea’d and scurvy’d It’s the fed pure bred that feed me worries On empty stomachs the dreams are fitful We got open hands and they got fistfuls Feet on the table fingers on the missiles Born on third thought they hit a triple Broke bad with dad Malcolm in the Middle And you can quote me on that no motherfucking riddle


Park-Like Setting are back! After a nearly 20 year hiatus, bigmcenroe (AKA mcenroe), Bazooka Joe 204 (FKA John Smith), and Yy have reunited for new album “This, That, and the Third”. The trio of MCs bubble and bounce over bigmcenroe’s booming, bassy beats, composing hit lists and love letters at the end of the world. Park-Like Setting’s “This, That, And the Third” is 12 tracks of real deal rap from three indie vets with nothing to lose and a lot left to say.


released October 6, 2023

All raps by J. Compayre, D. Corrigan and R. Bailey
All beats by R. Bailey
produced by bigmcenroe aka Rod Bailey
Cuts on Crew Shit, Ode To Concrete, Get The Bozack, Struggle Raps and Too Far by DJ Hunnicutt
Mixed and mastered by bigmcenroe in East Van.
Photography by Steve St. Louis


all rights reserved



peanutsandcorn Vancouver, British Columbia

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