Keeping The Faith Maxi Single

by mcenroe

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The Keeping the Faith maxi single. Check it! Original versions from the mcenroe recording "The Paper Champion".


released February 1, 2011

Written and Produced by mcenroe.



all rights reserved


peanutsandcorn Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: mcenroe - Keeping The Faith (Original)
2010 aint a damn thing changed
i still front and hang out all day
still want money, it aint bought happiness yet
i still chase and succumb to debt and at the pace i spend
im bracing for the end of the race, then
pretend to love the one im embracing
still too real, give up too much information
pledge allegiance to the corporation
no grievance, im back room grumbling
taking the medicine begrudgingly
its humbling when the buzzer rings and my mouth waters
the pavloved us with ad slaughters of bad daughters
its odd aint it, dont aspire to sainthood
but sports and entertainment, local boy makes good
and you could say its a matter of taste
im just living in the system, i guess im keeping the faith

and i still got cable, i still subscribe
pay a bill for the swill meant to fill my mind
whos off survivor, i gots to know
i cant watch the hills cant sink that low
i dont watch the news, dont like that show
its depressing as shit, so i press
the remote controls mute, post some old news
from online rumors you can poke some holes through
still, eat fast food
salt the fries to outlast you
made the deal and its past due
but ask myself did i have to?
still sip aspertame, before and after
master my domain? i beg to differ
kid myself to think i make a difference
with the words, reveal a major cycnic
constructive critic, claim im with it
as i listen to the smiths, still ill what decade is it
am i living in the past, or maybe im distracted
i must be keeping the faith